Automate and Fortify User Authentication

FairTrust SSO offers a comprehensive solution for authentication, password management, and seamless single sign-on (SSO) across all your applications, ensuring enhanced security and user convenience..

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Revolutionizing Cloud and On-Premises Native Primary and Secondary Authentication.

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Adhering to Best Practices

"ANSSI recommends using strong passwords stored in a secure vault.
Utilizing a password manager aligns with security best practices and simplifies users' lives.
FairTrust modernizes password managers and applies the 'Single Sign-On' principle. Sensitive data is stored in a secure database, and secondary authentication is automated."

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Enhance Authentication Security

Authentication verifies the user's identity when accessing an application, digital service, or work session. Multifactor Authentication (MFA) reduces hacking risks by 99%.
FairTrust seamlessly integrates robust authentication based on the three-factor principle and offers support for a variety of authentication methods..

The Hybrid Workstation Revolution

A true breakthrough, FairTrust SSO integrates Mixed Post functionality, allowing the coexistence of 'Personal' and 'Kiosk' sessions on the same 'Hybrid' terminals. Users enjoy the benefits of both environments:

  • Fast authentication;
  • Quick user switching;
  • Optimization of shared resources;
  • Ability to quickly return to your working session;
  • Access to all resources and applications;
  • Access to your personal session;

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 Best SSO features

Automated Authentication Across All Applications - SSO
Effortlessly manage automated authentication across your applications, maintain strong passwords with an entropy of over 50, and ensure regular renewal—All without user intervention. Blend convenience and security

Enhanced Primary Authentication - MFA
Versatile Authentication Support: Embrace a Range of Authentication Methods - from smart cards, contactless cards, FIDO2 keys, to OTP, TOTP, HOTP, fingerprints, and more. We seamlessly integrate with third-party OIDC repositories and SAML v2 for enhanced security.

Hybrid Workstation: The (R)Evolution of Kiosk Workstations
FairTrust enables the seamless coexistence of 'Personal' and 'Kiosk' sessions on the same 'Hybrid' workstations. Users are automatically logged into their respective 'Personal' or 'Kiosk' sessions based on their profiles (membership in an AD group).

Data encryption
Data is securely stored and encrypted using the ANSSI-recommended AES256 GCM algorithm.

Support for Multi-Domain 
FairTrust SSO manages a unified vault for all entities within a group (subsidiaries, partners, public interest groups, etc.). Sensitive data is securely stored in a centralized repository, minimizing the risk of desynchronization.

User Self-Service
Save time and resources by offering your users a straightforward and efficient self-troubleshooting solution, addressing concerns like password recovery and lost authentication systems. All this, while ensuring the security of system access.

Traceability of accesses and usage.
Maintain precise access control by obtaining insight into the actions and access of your users across all integrated resources within the solution.

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Select the solution tailored to your requirements

FairTrust Vault

Explore our Cloud-based Password Vault with seamless automatic authentication for web and RDS applications. This free solution is ideal for testing our Single Sign-On product, though please note it does not include dedicated support.

This solution is perfect for users seeking to bolster access security for their applications independently or for personal use.

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FairTrust Vault+

Comparable to our Vault offering, FairTrust Vault+ includes software maintenance and technical support for enhanced daily assistance. Benefit from a secure cloud-based password vault and a professional SSO solution at just €36/year (excluding tax)

FairTrust Vault+ is the perfect solution for freelancers and micro-businesses seeking a quick and easy way to adhere to security best practices

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FairTrust Vault Pro

FairTrust Vault Pro combines the functionality of a secure cloud-based password vault with advanced multi-user management capabilities. Take command of user passwords and authentication through our centralized web interface in the Cloud.

FairTrust Vault Pro caters to businesses seeking to implement a centralized security policy for all their users. With a primary focus on Small and Medium Enterprises, FairTrust Vault Pro is tailored to meet their specific cybersecurity needs and requirements.

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FairTrust Vault Enterprise

FairTrust Vault Enterprise represents the pinnacle of our vault solutions. Whether you prefer the flexibility of Cloud or the control of On-Premises, this edition seamlessly integrates MFA, Self-Service, and robust Audit functionalities. Moreover, our team at FairTrust is here to guide you in customizing our solutions precisely to match your unique requirements.

FairTrust Vault Enterprise is the optimal solution for businesses seeking compliance with recommendations from national security agencies and regulatory requirements.

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FairTrust SSO Enterprise

FairTrust SSO Enterprise represents the advancement of our password vault, integrating application onboarding mechanisms. Whether in the Cloud or On-Premises, FairTrust SSO Enterprise combines all the functionalities of our Vault Enterprise solution, automating authentication across your web applications, client/server, AS400, and beyond.​

Rest assured, FairTrust is always here to assist you in customizing our solutions to meet your specific needs.​

FairTrust SSO Enterprise is the optimal choice for businesses looking to implement a robust access security solution that meets legal requirements like LPM, PGSSI-S, ISO 27001...

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