Secure Authentication and Directory Services for Public Entities

Ensuring Compliance with CNIL Guidelines for 'Secure and Robust User Authentication' and 'Transparent Authorization Policies' - in accordance with Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and Council dated April 27, 2016, commonly known as GDPR.

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Ensuring Trustworthy and Robust User Authentication

Leverage Public Funding Programs to Enhance Information System Access Security while Prioritizing User Satisfaction.​

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Smartphone Authentication (HOTP/TOTP) for Secure Access

Experience Strong User Authentication with FairTrust Enterprise SSO through standard HTOP/TOPT applications like 'Microsoft Authenticator' or 'Google Authenticator,' streamlining secondary authentication for your business applications.

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Secure Your Access with Physical System Authentication

Enhance Authentication through the MFA Principle. 

FairTrust SSO natively supports physical authentication elements such as Mifare cards, IAS ECC, Yubikey keys, and more.

Elevate the level of access security to your information system while providing ease of use and genuine user satisfaction.

Automated Authentication Across All Your Applications - SSO

FairTrust Enterprise SSO extends the security of strong primary authentication across all your applications, regardless of their architecture: Web, C/S, SaaS, Citrix, RDS... Enhancing application access and improving user satisfaction.

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Structured Identity and Authorization Management

Enhance efficiency and security by structuring and automating access rights management for your information system.

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Create and Manage Identities

Clearly Define and Automatically Manage User Digital Identities using existing data from your IT system. 

Easily eliminate duplicates and input errors, reducing security vulnerabilities by removing inactive and orphaned accounts.

Clearly Define Who Has Access to What.

FairTrust automatically calculates user permissions using management rules based on each user's identity and their position within your various organizations.

Enhance efficiency, implement 'Zero Trust' best practices and CNIL recommendations, and streamline daily administrative tasks to improve the quality of your information system.

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Automate Workflows

Workflows enhance the efficiency of information flows. They structure tasks, steps, and responsibilities within a process, providing a clear and organized overview. Easily track task progress, pinpoint bottlenecks, identify areas for improvement, save valuable time and resources. 

Workflows promote collaborative work among different stakeholders and maintain consistency and quality in processes.

Report and Traceability

Gain complete, real-time visibility into identity-related activities and obtain valuable insights into resource access, permission changes, unauthorized access attempts, and other events related to identity management. 

These data enable swift identification of potential security issues, detection of suspicious activities, and implementation of appropriate corrective measures. 

Functional Solutions for GDPR Compliance

Automated Authentication Across All Applications - SSO
Effortlessly manage automated authentication across your applications, maintain strong passwords with an entropy of over 50, and ensure regular renewal—All without user intervention. Blend convenience and security

Enhanced Primary Authentication - MFA
Versatile Authentication Support: Embrace a Range of Authentication Methods - from smart cards, contactless cards, FIDO2 keys, to OTP, TOTP, HOTP, fingerprints, and more. We seamlessly integrate with third-party OIDC repositories and SAML v2 for enhanced security.

Data encryption
Data is securely stored and encrypted using the ANSSI-recommended AES256 GCM algorithm.

Support for Multi-Domain
FairTrust SSO manages a unified vault for all entities within a group (subsidiaries, partners, public interest groups, etc.). Sensitive data is securely stored in a centralized repository, minimizing the risk of desynchronization.

Centralize Identity Directory
In addition, FairTrust IAM becomes your centralized directory of individuals. FairTrust IAM automates the creation of users' digital identities from various repositories and populates your technical LDAP directories     See more >>

Automatic Rights Assessment
FairTrust IAM automatically calculates the theoretical rights for each individual across all your applications and repositories. These rights are determined by considering not only the characteristics of digital identities but also the individual's role and position within your organization.  See more >>

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