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Detailed Functional Description

Download detailed functional guides for FairTrust products and White Papers describing FairTrust solutions.

FairTrust IAM

Comprehensive Presentation of FairTrust IAM Solution, detailing features and their alignment with business needs.


White Paper

Health Authentication

Discover the security obligations for healthcare institutions under the Electronic Identification Framework for individuals.


FairTrust SSO Entreprise

Comprehensive Presentation of FairTrust SSO Enterprise Solution, detailing features and their alignment with business needs.


FairTrust Vault Entreprise

A professional and secure safe for protecting your authentication information, available in Cloud or On-Premises infrastructure.


FairTrust Vault Pro

Professional safe designed for SMEs and mid-sized enterprises, enjoy a secure solution for managing your passwords in a Cloud-based platform accessible anytime, from all your devices.


FairTrust Vault & Vault+

Professional password management solution in a secure Cloud-based safe designed for Freelancers and Small Businesses.


Datasheets - Quick overview of our products

To grasp our approach in a few minutes, download quick presentations of FairTrust products and services

FairTrust IAM

DataSheet - Quick Presentation of FairTrust IAM Identity and Access Management Solution.


FairTrust SSO for health

DataSheet - Discover Single Sign-On compliant with the Electronic Identification Framework requirements.


FairTrust Enterprise SSO - GHT specific features

DataSheet - Essential SSO Features for Healthcare Institutions in Compliance with the French RIE requirements


FairTrust SSO

DataSheet - A Quick Overview of FairTrust Enterprise SSO Solution


Strong Authentication (MFA)

DataSheet - Quick Presentation of Strong Authentication (MFA) Features in FairTrust SSO Solution.


FairTrust Company

DataSheet - A Quick Overview of FairTrust: Our Positioning, Competence, Expertise, and Values.


Various Open Access Resources

Some interesting documentations and videos in the field of authentication and identity management

French "Plan Blanc du Numérique" White Paper

French healthcare institutions preparation assistance guide - June 2023


ANSSI White Paper

Recommendations for Multi-Factor Authentication and Passwords


ANSSI Guide for SMEs and Small Businesses

The French National Security Agency (ANSSI) has just published a best practices guide for improving cybersecurity aimed at SMEs, including single sign-on, which offers numerous advantages


 - FairTrust SSO Enterprise

A quick presentation of the FairTrust SSO solution in just a few minutes

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 - FairTrust Solutions

FairTrust Positioning and Presentation of Solutions

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